Amit Gandhi, MBA, CMPS®, CWPP™, CAPP™

The most incredible asset given to any single being is the ability to harness and navigate the complexities of daily tasks to plan for the future without strategically sacrificing the present moment.

I have been assisting my clients to manage both sides of their balance sheets. I am financially enabling my clients through educating and advising with a fiduciary responsibility to ensure your financial well-being as my #1 priority.

One cannot necessarily do this being a financial advisor or loan originator, specifically if they are captive to one company (tied to 1 company and its line of products, which most often may not resolve your needs or finances. This is where I created the ability to advise and implement both sides by rigorous licensing, certifications, and designations with a foundation beginning with a bachelor’s in finance and a master’s Degree. Nor could you ever do this by taking on a single role, because for every “yes” there is a “no”, just as there is a “debit” for every “credit”. To maintain your overall position on the balance sheets of your life.
If you have a financial planner or advisor. ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do they ever ask about your liabilities? 
  • Break down the lifetime savings of various mortgage planning strategies?
  •  which directly impact your monthly cash flow?
  • Do they stress the matters of credit?
  •  are they simply questions surrounding the liquidity and investable assets you may have?
  • Do you have a dedicated mortgage advisor who seeks your best interest and understands your financial goals?

In the last 13 years, I’ve been on both sides of the spectrum, which is why I have dedicated myself to the lending and financial planning industry. My career model has always been to educate first; the only way it can be done unbiasedly is by working with an independent broker.

I’ve taken the balance sheet and created a synergy (1+1 = 3) that’s the genuine value proposition. I’ve spent over a decade mastering advanced financial planning and lending strategies and being designated and accredited with being the only individual to hold not only the licensing but a step beyond with the ability to seek out and implement strategic solutions that most advisors and loan originators have never considered.


Feel Free to contact me with any questions with may have or even at the second review of your current plan today.



Strategic. Comprehensive. Tactical.

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